Im Rahmen des Englischunterrichts hat sich die Klasse 8A mit den Ereignissen und Folgen des Terroranschlags am 11. September 2021 auseinandergesetzt und hierzu Zeitungsartikel verfasst.

Twenty Years Anniversary of 9/11
Twenty years ago today something happened that no one can ever forget. Hundreds of New Yorkers walked to their offices in the World Trade Center. It was just another day. They felt the sun on their faces, maybe stopped for a coffee before they entered the buildings. But suddenly the North Tower of the World Trade Center burst into a ball of fire. It had been hit by American Airlines flight 11, the first of four planes that would crash within 76 minutes. At 9:03 a.m., a second plane flew into the South Tower. At 9:57 a.m., just outside Washington D.C., the Pentagon was hit. And at 10:03 a.m. The fourth plane crashed in the Pennsylvania countryside.
The four planes had been hijacked by the Al-Qaeda terrorist network in a carefully planned attack on the US. Nineteen terrorists, who had got onto the planes as normal passengers, forced their way into the cockpits and took control. The first three planes hit the Al-Qaeda targets. The fourth was flying towards Washington D.C., but the passengers fought back and managed to crash the plane in a field. This brave action saved many lives in the US capital but in total 2,977 people died
on the 11th September 2001.
In New York there were scenes of panic and chaos as the Twin Towers burned. Thousands ran for their lives, but for those on the top floors there was no escape. Over 200 people jumped to their deaths fro the towers. A thick cloud of dust and smoke covered the whole neighbourhood. This tragic event could be watched on all channels. 9/11 has stuck in the mind of everyone who was alive at the time.

by Lia Stermann

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